Our eco-responsible measures and practices

This hotel advocates for an eco-label, which encourages a number of habits and practices that are more environmentally friendly and which follow an approach towards sustainable development.

Among the many environmental measures taken by the hotel:

Measures to save energy and water: use of electricity produced from renewable energy sources, electric heating removed and replaced by gas central heating (condensing boiler), thermal insulation, energy-efficient light bulbs, tap flow control, leak detection.

Measures taken to reduce the volume of waste: waste sorting, limitation of the use of single-use products and individual portion products, etc…

General management: maintenance of the premises, staff training, monitoring and analysis of energy and water consumption.

Guests are encouraged to apply our environmental measures: guests are informed of day-to-day actions that can have a positive impact on the environment: stopping radiators when you open a window, switching off lights when you leave your room, rational use of water and linen in the bathroom.

General measures to improve the environment: low-polluting detergents and disinfectants, staff training for the optimal use of products. We kindly ask our guests to place only the towels they wish to change in the bathtub.

We are interested in your ideas to further improve the environment and respect for the planet. Please do not hesitate to share your opinion and your tips so that we can put them into practice: